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Telecom Construction & Audits

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TAS is not just another “drone company flying towers.”  TAS found it’s birth in fulfilling the unmet needs of the telecom industry when it was founded by Telecom Professionals.  With over 100 years of Telecom field experience, in just the leadership alone, TAS is able to provide your Telecom Project the attention to detail that other companies lack.

Our wireless tower audits , 3D mapping and 3D modeling services enable U.S. engineering firms and tower contractors to experience peace of mind when it comes to pre and post construction obligations.


All of our services are performed safely, efficiently, and accurately by our highly trained team of telecom professionals and our Part 107 commercially licensed drone pilots.


Aerial inspections with unmanned vehicles greatly reduce the liability and risk factor significantly: UAS’ can capture accurate images regardless of outside conditions, requiring that no boots have to leave the ground.  TAS’s Pilots are able to provide accurate data with high-quality, high resolution images.


A traditional tiger team typically can perform 2-3 audits per day, whereas our pilots are able to perform 7-10 audits per day. We are also able to get out to a cell site in days, not weeks.


The average cost of a tower crew can cost anywhere from $1500 to $3000 per inspection. Depending on a lot of variables.  With unmanned inspections, that cost can be significantly lowered by up to a third, and reducing margins for our client’s projects.


TAS’s Pilot’s are not videographer’s or hobbyist.  They cut their teeth in the field on thousands of Telecom projects.  


This gives TAS a unique advantage in providing our clients, not only detailed inspection reports with high quality, High-definition video and still images of their structures, but the knowledge and insight to advise our clients in the various tasks that they may need. Including, but not limited to:

Tower Audits

Our Quality Compliance Managers have decades of experience working with all of the major tower owners. As such we understand exactly what it is they are looking for when it comes to auditing their tenants and being in compliance with lease space.  

Tower Mapping

Provides a birds-eye view of your tower assets with accurate geolocation and proximity of each tower in relation to your other towers.  The relationship between towers is accurately measured as well as the distance between any other landmarks or structures. 

Steel Mapping

The first step to performing any sort of work is to have accurate measurements and photos so that your engineering team and scoping team can prepare their engineered drawings as well as a bill of materials with peace of mind.

3D Modeling

When photos and videos seem a bit cumbersome to piece together mentally to gauge what is on your structure, we can provide a 3d model.  This model will allow you to look at the structure from any angle you wish along with the ability to zoom in and out so that you can physically see everything on that structure. 

Site As-Builts

We all know that construction drawings are the bane of our existence in construction.  Usually, they are 10 years old and the accuracy is laughable.  Let's change this culture and provide accurate as-built drawings detailing everything that transpired on your site build. 

Carrier inspections (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon)

On our team, we have dedicated personnel who work day in and day out with the carriers.  They know the specifications, know when specifications have changed, and also understand what a punch-free site looks like. 

Height Verifications

Technology has come a long way from the good old trusty tape drop method.  With tape drops the accuracy is questionable, especially on a windy day.  No matter how tight you pull that tape measure, there will always be slack which throws off the measurements.  Let us end the days of "faking" the tape drop and enter the new days of knowing exactly how high your tip height and rad centers are. 

Site and Rack Layout Drawings

Site and Rack Layout drawings are just as important as the as-built drawings.  When shown an equipment rack your client(s) need to know how many rack units are taken up by each piece of equipment as well as the exact location (in terms of Rack Units) so that they can properly plan for future expansion.

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