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Telecommunication networks require services performed by experienced and talented labor for their infrastructure and implementation. As the industry continuing to evolve, business needs do as well. With any new installations or upgrades to a network, expert planning and implementation is vital to the success of the operation. Telecom Audit Solutions is committed to fulfilling the unmet needs of the telecommunications industry. With over 100 years of telecom field experience in just the leadership alone, TAS is able to meet your network needs with the attention to detail and expertise.

Telecom Audit Solutions's primary objective is to bring service providers the optimal 'return on investment'. Service providers have been able to count on TAS to effectively deploy crews to deal with complex networks in order to maintain sufficient performance and coverage. 

We provide implementation to help service providers:

  • Upgrade wireless networks

  • Maintain networks

  • Increase quality of service nationwide

Through comprehensive training, efficient work and an excellent finished product, TAS has earned a reputation in the telecommunications industry of dependability. It is our pleasure to provide the utmost quality and professionalism to an industry that enriches the lives of all people nationwide. 


TAS provides the utmost training to all employees to ensure that each one is prepared and secure for the task at hand. This includes providing them with training from reputable industry training programs such as ComTrain and Safety LMS.


It is our priority objective to conduct our work in an efficient and timely manner. We stick to deadlines. In order to expedite our operations, leadership is fulling invested to our work, providing a robust hands-on approach to our crews and projects. 


We are committed to providing our clients with pricing that allows all parties to profit from the work. Our goal is to provide a service which is not only excellent, but allows our contractors to generate substantial revenue from our partnership. 


Line and Antenna

Our expertise ensures each antenna and line installation is conducted properly and in accord with customer and manufacturer mandates, as well as TAS’ rigid standards of safety and excellence. Our crews are trained and certified with connectors, coax, fiber optic cables and are outfitted with connecting and cleaning tools to ensure the installation is done accurately and precisely.

PIM Mitigation

As many network providers seek to develop and optimize their services, dealing with PIM has become a major threat to system success. TAS has numerous employees who have been trained and certified as PIM Masters and Hunters. Having been performing PIM mitigation since 2018, TAS is familiar and exceptional in our ability to provide this service to client. 

System Integration

When equipment is installed, the new components need to be integrated to become a functioning part of the network. TAS has integrators who are capable of providing this service to network providers to make sure that once the construction is complete, the system can be utilized to its full potential. 



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